What is the Role of Athlete Motivation in Sports? How does Self-Motivation Affect Sports Performance? | 13 Effective Tips and Tricks for Motivation in Sports

What is the Role of Athlete Motivation in Sports? How does Self-Motivation Affect Sports Performance? | 13 Effective Tips and Tricks for Motivation in Sports

What is the Role of Athlete Motivation in Sports?

In Athlete Motivation Inspiration doesn’t have any source; it is everywhere. It does not matter how weak you are, the thing that matters is how dedicated you are to defeat weakness.

Today we will take inspiration from a personality who has all excuses to live a life like a normal person by just seating, eating, thinking, and regrating their whole life about her weakness.

Who is Deepa Malik? How she is a Role Model for Athlete Motivation?

Athlete Motivation

When Deepa Malik was just 5-year-old, she was diagnosed with a spine tumor. It took around 3 years of treatment and physiotherapy to recover from the tumor. But at the age of 29 years again her tumor was detected but this time it was worse. Doctors have no option other than to do the operation, they informed her that she might not able to walk again. It took 3 surgeries and 183 stitches to remove a tumor from her body. This operation paralyzed her from the waist down and after surgery, she went for 6 years of physiotherapy.

It is said that (Motivation)

“Never accept anyone’s definition of your life; always define yourself.”

And she did the same, she did not let anyone define her instead she created her own life and a better one. Also, she was from an army background and was married to an army officer, she knew how to handle such a situation and she did well.

She mastered many qualities like a paralympic athlete, a motor rally driver, a swimmer, a sports bike racer, an entrepreneur, a motivational speaker, and a prominent disability activist and she helps in Athlete Motivation. Now she is a Good Role Model for others.

She was having all excuses to live the life of a disabled person but she decided to make her weakness, her strong point. And she got success. In these, all journeys her family member supported her by not making her realize her disability.

At the age when most the athletes were considering retirement, she took herself to a new level, and by joining the Himalayan Motorsports Association and she conquered an 8-day 1,700 km bike ride to 18,000 feet in sub-zero temperature.

Once Nelson Mandela said:

“It always seems impossible until it’s done.”

She made it possible and became an Athlete Motivation for such a person. She is a leading example of Athlete Motivation

What are the achievements of Deepa Malik:

  • She has won 10 international and more than 54 national medals in various sports.
  • She also has 4 Limca World records registered under her name.
  • Arjuna Award (2012)
  • Maharashtra Chhatrapati Award (sports) (2009–10)
  • Haryana Karambhoomi Award (2008)
  • Swawlamban Puruskar Maharashtra (2006)
  • President Role Model Award (2014)
  • Padma Shri Award (2017)
  • She was the first Lady to get an Award from the Ministry of Women & Child Development.
  • Major Dhyan Chand Khel Ratna Award (2019)

And many more. In Athlete Motivation, we must know that nothing is permanent and nothing can take us down if we are believing in ourselves. We should know there is always a second chance and we must use it to do whatever we want to do.

Always remember

“You are the best artist of your life, never hand the paintbrush to anyone else to make changes in your life.”

In Athlete Motivation always remember if you can’t fight for what you want that don’t cry for what you are left with. Don’t forget if you are not working for your dream, somebody else is working to take your place.

“Don’t Run Away From Challenges, Run Over Them.”

Don’t underestimate the power of dreams and the human spirit. The potential of becoming great resides within each of us that’s why success is important.

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Who is Hema Das? How is a Role Model for Athlete Motivation?


She is an Indian Sprinter from Assam. She is just 21 years but her ambition is old enough to compete with the most experienced athlete in the world and role model for Athlete Motivation.

Her parents Ronjit and Jonali Das are farmers. She use to play football in her school time but after seeing her stamina and running speed, she was advised to go for Sprinter by her teacher Shamshul Sheikh.

In the early stage of her career in spite of training facilities and training equipment, she won the bronze medal.

She qualified for the women’s 200m event at the Asian youth championships, Bangkok and she finished 7th but she qualified for the World Youth Championships to be held in Nairobi due to her performance, where she finished 5th.

On 12 July 2018, she tasted her first win in the 400 m final at the World U-20 Championships 2018 held at Tampere in Finland.

She had become the first-ever Indian woman to win a Gold medal at an international track event and became role model for Athlete Motivation with her patience to win.

Rest is history –

She won the Gold medal in women’s 4*400 m held in Jakarta 2018.

She won the Gold medal in women’s 400 m held in Tampere 2018.

And Recently she was inducted as DSP in Assam police for her performance.

13 Ultimate and really Effective Ways to Motivate your Sports Player and Team

Let’s discuss the effective ways to motivate sports players with SUCCESSISDECISION

  1. Never be disappointed with your failure.
  2. Even learn from your mistakes.
  3. An athlete should have 3 things – passion to learn, patience to get success, and persistence.
  4. Always set goals.
  5. Most important is teamwork.
  6. Find Motivation for Yourself and in Yourself because if you can’t motivate yourself no one else can motivate you.
  7. Create a Right and Positive environment around you.
  8. Remember communication is successful only when it is two-way. Before expecting that others should understand you, you should also understand others feeling.
  9. Take your journey as s Fun and enjoy the difficulties and your journey. It will help you to stay away from Stress.
  10. Adopt competitive strategies as they will encourage you to achieve your goals faster.
  11. Don’t feel disappointed after failing, instead learn from failure. Failure is more effective in teaching than achieving success at once.
  12. Never forget to celebrate your success because you deserve it. And it will encourage you and remind you about your hard work.
  13. Remember as our all fingers are different in the same way every person is different respect their feeling and abilities.

Also for athletes health is everything therefore you cannot compromise with health. So health is a crucial factor in the career development of athletes.

Many ups and Downs will come but your hard work and passion to learn from your mistakes hence it can make you different from others.

FAQ ( Frequently Asked Questions ) for Athlete Motivation

Q1. Anyone can become an athlete but only a few succeed why?

Because they work on their skills consistently.

Q2. How can an Athlete improve his/her skill?

An Athlete can improve his/her skill by learning from his mistake and improving it Thus this improvement can be motivation for others.

Q3. What is the most important thing an athlete should remember?

He/She should always remember that after sunset there is sunrise also. So never be afraid to fail.

Q4. Is there any shortcut to get success?

Remember there is not any shortcut to success. success is a journey that you get after crossing many stages of difficulties.

Q5. Can anyone become an athlete?

Yes, of course, if you love sports you are an athlete Get motivation from the success of other athletes.

Q6. Is there any age limit to becoming an athlete?

No, even people over 70 participate in marathons.

Q6. How to choose which sports are better for me?

Sports which you love to watch most can be best for you.

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