Customer Satisfaction Importance and Methods to Improve Customer Satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction Importance and Methods to Improve Customer Satisfaction

What is Customer satisfaction?

The word customer satisfaction is most often used in marketing. It is defined as a measurement that how happy a customer is with the services provided by the suppliers.

It can be in written form, ratings, call feedback, and so on.

It boosts a company’s goodwill. I assure customer service that the company is caring towards its genuine customers. It boosts customers’ trust in the company and also the company’s lifelong in the market. Your Success depends on your Customer Satisfaction.

Let’s understand the basics of Customer Satisfaction with SUCCESSISDECISION

What is the way through which one can check customer satisfaction?

Customer Satisfaction

1. Ratings

 once a customer purchase a product either online or offline mode. Sellers can ask for a review view of other websites with some pictures of the products.

For example

when you purchase a product from some websites, they will ask you to give feedback plus share pictures with the product. As a bonus, you get some coupons that you can use in your next purchase. Websites who do this are Nykka, Foxy, Myntra.   

2. Feedback through Call

Many suppliers opted for this option as well. It helps you to maintain a record of your regular customer. And offer a discount to your regular customer to increase Customer Satisfaction. 

3. Through comments

one can ask customers to comment on the item that they purchased.

4. Conducting a customer survey

Customer Survey plays an important role in marketing. It helps you to work on your weak areas. So that one can work on it through feedback to increase Customer Satisfaction.

5. Form fill up

It may vary from business to business which option they are choosing. In the form, you can ask multi questions about your concern. It is also a great way to know about customers’ concerns.   

6. Social media metrics

to check how much your brand’s words trending on social media websites. This is the latest technique to check your ratings and review. Through this one get to know many rankings from 1-50 brands are trending.     

7. Web analytics

this is a data-driven metric. In this customer is not involved directly. Web analytics crawls on the net traffic on brands’ websites. How frequently do users visit in a single day?

Why customer satisfaction is required?

Customer Satisfaction

1. To boost customers’ trust

when suppliers ask for your review, customers’ trust in the companies increases. They feel that the companies genuinely care for their customers.  

2. To increase brand loyal customers

By keep improving customer concerns. One can increase its loyal customer by every-time helping them out with their problem with a particular product.

3. Grow your audience and sales

If you passed in your customer satisfaction reviews feedback, you can have a huge audience and sales. It will take your business to the moon.

4. Maintain goodwill

A good product has good reviews, good reviews mean you have a good customer. Good customers help you to take your business to the next stage. In short, you will have goodwill.

5. To run a business in the long run

a supplier who cares for its customer, who asks for reviews, asks for their concern about the quality issue after services will have a long-lasting impact on customers. And customers pay back by recommending to it their close ones.

6. Deal with the competition

In a market, one has to deal with competition. One can use several tools so that their brand makes a difference to others. By building good quality products, giving in good quantity, and checking on other brands who compete to increase Customer Satisfaction.

7. Helps you stand away from the crowd

some brands don’t do marketing because they know they already giving good quality products. They know that there is not any competition against them. 

For example- Zara one of most leading clothing brand, don’t ask for reviews because they knew they already providing good things at a good price to increase Customer Satisfaction. 

Starbucks never used an advertising method to promote their product.

8. Helps you to make smart decisions

when you know that your customers are unhappy with the products whether it’s because of quality, quantity, packaging, or anything. You exactly know where are you lacking. When you have all this data you can smartly work on it to improve your customer satisfaction. It also slowly and steadily helps you make a smart decision for your business.

9. Promotes words of mouth referrals

when you buy a product from some random brand and you like the product, you will surely recommend it to your friends and other family members. That’s how marketing is done. So it is important to provide good quality products to increase Customer Satisfaction.

10. Helps you identify key areas to work on

when you have data from customer reviews, you know the areas where you know have to work. You must work on those areas and resolve any problems that exist.  

11. Protect your brand’s image in the long run

If your brand has a good image you have to keep working on it. Once you lose the interest of your customer you are gone. It also harms the brand’s image.

How do improve customer satisfaction?

Customer Satisfaction

1. Offer coupons and discounts

when you offer discounts and coupons with some time validity or minimum price. You see an increase in sales. It is a good way of marketing but you have to make sure that you maintain the quality of the products.

2. Offer loyalty points

nowadays when you purchase something you get some points according to the price of the product. Once you reach the mark like 500 points, 1000 points you can redeem them in your next purchase. It is also a good way of marketing by not offering a direct discount to increase Customer Satisfaction.

3. Maintain direct customer contact

if any miss happening happens don’t go for the blame game. You should first take customers in your confidence by offering direct support to them and then get to know who is at fault. 

4. Keep offering sales and festival bonuses to customers

many shopping websites offer new year sales, Diwali sales, and so on.  Some brands like H&M, and Zara offer Black Friday sales and women’s day sales to increase Customer Satisfaction.

5. Turn customer feedback into action

once you get feedback on your product now you can work on it. By improving on your weak areas, you are assuring your customers that you do care about them.

6. Improve your product and services

offer a good product and offer even after-sale services to your products. It makes your brand valuable and appreciable. 

7. Offer multi-channel support

support can be through various means it may be through email support, phone support, live chat, or social media support to increase Customer Satisfaction. One can choose any of the support which is suitable to the customer. When you offer multi-support, it surely boosts customers’ trust in you .

8. User experience survey

when a person purchases a product through the website or from the app, once the purchase is done an automatic experience survey should be displayed. So customers can rate /her experience by giving a rating. In case anyone is giving a low rating a feedback box should also be given so that he/she can share experiences about what more can be done to improve, the reason for their low rating .

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Q1. What is the meaning of customer satisfaction?

Customer Satisfaction means, your customer is happy with the services, and products offered by you. A customer shows his satisfaction by reviewing, sharing, comments, and likes.

Q2. Why customer satisfaction is important?

Customer Satisfaction helps to know how effective and beneficial a product is. It helps to know the quality of products.

Q3. What are Examples of Customer Satisfaction?

-Products meeting customer’s requirements
-Ratings given by the customer
-Products recommended by customer
-Performance of Products

Q4. What is 3’C of customer satisfaction?

3’C of customer satisfaction is

Q5. How do measure customer satisfaction?

Customer satisfaction is given a score between 1-3, 1-5, or 1-7. The total sum of scores is divided by the number of respondents.

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