How to Become a successful Entrepreneur? | 22  Easy and Best, Effective Tips & Trick To Achieve Quick Success 

How to Become a successful Entrepreneur? | 22 Easy and Best, Effective Tips & Trick To Achieve Quick Success 

How to Become a Successful Business Entrepreneur?

In any Business it is said that the “Big journey begins with small steps”, Entrepreneurship is a similar journey, where a person with a small dream begins his/her journey, works hard, and makes his/her dream grow.

An Entrepreneur is a person who does business or businesses and takes on financial risks to make a profit.

When he/she starts his/her journey they don’t know whether they are going to success or not, but they work hard day by night instead of thinking about failure. Let’s understand the journey of an Entrepreneur with SUCCESSISDECISION


What are the Characteristics of a Successful Entrepreneur?

People should always remember that they can’t control what is going to happen but the thing they can control is

  • Your attitude
  • Your efforts

Positive Attitude of an Entrepreneur

How a person’s ability to see things and also his ability to react is called his attitude.

It is a powerful quality that every business person should possess.

This attitude only makes an Entrepreneur different from a common person who only wants to earn his livelihood.

Even if a person fails his attitude can lift him from zero to the sky if he has focused on his goals.

A person should always think that everything takes time.

A plant even takes many years to become a tree.

A tree goes through all rough times like winter, summer, and rain but he stands still and waits patiently for his time.

And when the time comes, he wears good quality fruits and flowers.

The same is with entrepreneurs he may have to go through the worst time but once he remains calm and has a positive attitude, they can be among one the great business people who can inspire others.

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What should be the Efforts of an Entrepreneur?

Effort defines a person’s dedication i.e., how much he is passionate about his/her work. It said that:

“Results are in direct proportion to the hard work you are doing.”

How much you put the effort in a work that much you will get results.

We have seen many examples of Entrepreneur in over life who works day by night and put in their all efforts and after working many years consistently they become business tycoons.

Example: Ambani was one of four children of Dhirubhai Ambani, who first worked as a gas-station attendant.

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After many years of efforts, in 2007 “The Economic Times newspaper” and the news agency Press Trust of India simultaneously named Ambani the world’s richest man.

A successful business person is one who learns from his failure and always finds a way to rise above all difficulties.

The entrepreneur sets his mind such that, when everything is going against you, remember that airplane takes off against the wind, not with it.

He should not worry about being successful but he should work towards being consistent and success will naturally come to him.

While in your journey a person will come face to face with many people also who will tell you all possibilities of failing but this time when you have to be strong and believe in yourselves.

They can only suggest you, advise you but you have to walk through this journey all alone.

“At first they will ask you why you are doing this, after you achieve your dream they’ll ask you how you did it ?”

Some Examples of Successful Entrepreneur


1. Kanika Tekriwal

She is the founder of JetSetGo Indian Aviation Industry. She was diagnosed with cancer and she survived. She decided to live her dream. When she comes into Aviation Industry she doesn’t have a single aircraft. But with her hard work and consistency, she now owns more than Rs 150 crore Aviation Industry.

2. Karan Chopra

He worked in TCS at 6 Lakh per annum salary. But he decided to live his own dream, he moved back to his home town and he sold LED lights making profits of Rs. 60000 per year.

But with consistency and hard work made him a Successful Entrepreneur, he now owns more than Rs. 14 crore turnover.

3. Dr. Arokiaswamy Velumani

He is the owner of the world’s largest thyroid testing company with 1,122 outlets in India, Nepal, Bangladesh, and also in the Middle East.

He was so poor that he did schooling and college on government subsidies. He worked in a pharmaceutical company at Rs. 150 per month.

But his hard work, consistency, and fighting spirit made him the owner of Thyrocare worth Rs.3,337.

22 Best Rules and ways to become a successful Business Entrepreneur :


Rule 1: Never say ‘NO’ to in any situation. Instead say ‘YES’ I can do it.

Rule 2: Always learn from your mistakes and also from other’s mistakes.

Rule 3: Don’t repeat your mistakes.

Rule 4: You should always have a hunger to learn new things.

Rule 5: Being an Entrepreneur you should regularly upgrade yourselves with new qualities.

Rule 6: Always represent yourselves as an example for others.

Rule 7: Don’t put question marks on your abilities just believe in yourselves.

Rule 8: You must challenge your abilities to create new ideas and achieve new goals.

Rule 9: Never limit yourselves as an Entrepreneur, always extend your limits.

Example: When a chick is inside an egg. He/She thinks the egg is his whole world but when the egg hatches everything changes.

Rule 10: Be passionate about what you are doing and give it 100%.

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Some More points

Rule 11: Overcome your fear.

Rule 12: To be a successful Entrepreneur you should always analyze your work and try to find out the best solution.

Rule 13. Being with successful personality who can inspire your and also help you to become successful Entrepreneur.

Rule 14: Never take too much time to make your decision. As time is everything.

Rule 15: For any startup, money is required so you should always have good and trust worthy source of finance.

Rule 16: Customer is “GOD” for the business person so a good entrepreneur should always know about his/her customer.

Rule 17: A good Entrepreneur never ignores his/her customer complaints.

Rule 18: Customer complaints should be resolved in a time-bound manner.

Rule 19: To be a successful business person you should be one step ahead your expectations.

Rule 20: Risk management is a quality of a good entreprenur.

Rule 21: Positive attitude helps a business person to work in a good and fresh mood.

Rule 22: Reading case studies can help an entrepreneur to evaluate his work.

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