The Importance Of Focus In Life | Now Is The Time For You To Know 7 Things You Probably Didn’t Know

The Importance Of Focus In Life | Now Is The Time For You To Know 7 Things You Probably Didn’t Know

What is Focus?


Focus is not a mere word but is a gateway to a successful life. It determines a person’s level of dedication towards anything. Without it is almost impossible to achieve our goals.

It is an ability to concentrate, and the ability to pay attention to things to avoid distractions without it you will not be able to complete your task.

We talk a lot about motivation, leadership, goals, role-model, stress, etc. but we undermine the power of Word ‘Focus’. In fact, It is the basis of success.


Let’s take any successful person, like

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Arunima Sinha

Arunima Sinha is an Indian mountain climber and also a great sportswoman. She is the world’s first female amputee to climb the world’s highest pick, Mount Everest, Mount Kilimanjaro, Mount Elbrus, and many more, she is also a seven-time Indian volleyball player.

In 2011 when she was 24 years, she was traveling on the train. Where thieves asked her to hand over her gold chain but she refused to do so. They threw her out of the moving train.

She lost one leg. But she instead gained a goal to climb all possible highest mountains in the world.

Her focus was not on what she lost but her aim was on what she can do. She chooses a goal that many thinks is impossible. She did not want to seat at watch things happening instead she woke up and started making things happen.

This all was possible only when she focused on her goals.

She was rewarded with many Honorable titles for her efforts.

Major DP Singh

Major DP Singh is the first Indian to run a half marathon with the blade. During the Kargil war operation, Vijay was launched in 1988, where he was badly injured.

He lost one leg but the doctor managed to save him. He was disappointed by his disabilities but he was feeling proud for his country.

After he was fully recovered, with new sunshine, he woke up and put Focus and made a decision to launch his career as a marathon runner.

In 2009 he ran his first marathon with his artificial leg. Till today he has participated in 12 marathons.

And even he holds LIMCA record for being first of his kind. In 2019 he became the first solo skydiver among people with disabilities from whole Asia.

His Focus was on his goals instead of excuses. He made his goals his passion and started living them. He was never worried about what he lost. Instead, he was happy with what he hads. He made things easy with his hard work, passion, and his efforts.

His main focus was to achieve what others can only think of.

Why Focus is important in our life?

Let’s understand the importance of Focus in life with SUCCESSISDECISION

  • Padma Shri Award (2015)
  • Tenzing Norgay National Adventure Award (2015)
  • First Lady Award (2016)
  • Malala Award
  • Yash Bharti Award
  • Rani Laxmi Bai Award

1. It helps you change your life

It helps to achieve your goals and develops confidence. Thereafter a person can have a positive attitude. And with this positive attitude, he can face any challenges in life and easily overcome it.

By achieving goals now a person can live his dream life. This changes his life.

2. Focus gives you more opportunities

 If a person is able to achieve what he wants, he thinks positively and because of this his mind develops and now a person can see things from a wide angle.

He can evaluate things easily and more comfortably from Wide-angle than earlier.

Now a person is able to see both aspects of any situation and can better understand it. Because of this he has now more opportunities in life.


Thomas Elva Edison, when discovered Bulb he was upset because of his failure but he focused on his goal and made is real.

Because of Focus, he got a positive attitude, and instead of saying he failed 10,000 times he said he invented 10,000 methods that won’t work.

Thus It not only help a person to get out of problems but it creates new opportunities as well and explore it.

3. Focus expands your knowledge

When a person is able to achieve what he worked for, he is motivated and obtains a positive attitude. During his journey of success, he came across many situations of which he was not aware.

He faced them and learned how to overcome them and during all these, he was able to learn new things and this expanded his area of knowledge.

When we Focus on our goals we start thinking about them from various angles and because of this a person discovers many things and many of them are new for him.

And he tries to evaluate them and learn many new things. This expands his area of knowledge.

4. It makes you more productivity

When a Person is Focused on his goal. It makes you a more efficient and consistent performer.

This consistency increases the productivity rate. There are more chances now to achieve goals because of increased productivity.

Productivity has 4 main Pillars :

  • Task management
  • Prioritization
  • Time management
  • Focus

These are automatically developed if a person is focused.

5. It helps you achieve your goals

The goal is dependent on many factors Example

  • Consistency
  • Time management
  • Dedication
  • And most important Focus

If you are able to achieve these 4 you are about to achieve your goals.

6. Focus helps you become successful faster

Focus is not just a word it is the way through which anyone can achieve success very easily and fastly.

As it helps a person achieve consistency and give priority to the goals over other things.

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What are the Elements of Focus?


Any person who wants to achieve goals should be aware of very important elements of Focus as these are an integral part of it and without which nothing can be achieved.

1. Schedule ( “when you should start ?”)

Always plan your journey, without planning you will misguide yourself. And at any point, you will not be able to justify your goals.

While on your journey of goal you will come across many problems such as, what should I do now? This question arises when you don’t plan your journey.

So firstly before starting your journey remember a few points

  • Make a plan and Focus on it
  • Take advice from someone who is experienced


As in cryptocurrency buyer just don’t invest any time, he waits for the right time for the market to drop down because of which prizes drop and then he buys it.

 Similarly, you should schedule your journey before launch.

2. Clarity

You should be clear about your goals whether it is right for you or not. Sometimes we often come under the influence of others and start living their dream, not ours. This demotivates the person.

But never be shy to quit if it is not meant for you. Start your journey again and this time with a good plan and with good clarity.

People will criticize you, but ignore them and start focusing now on what you want. A time will come when you have enough success to keep their mouth shut.

3. Routine (Your safety net)

When you plan your journey be consistent and never worry about results. As sometimes results might not be in your favor but a time will come then it will be in your favor.

Consistency is the key to success. It doesn’t matter how far and how big is your goal, if you have Focus and consistency you are going to achieve it.

4. Life Vision (“why you want to achieve it ?”)

A person should be aware of, why he started? Without knowing your life vision you are misguiding yourself.

Without Life vision, nothing can be achieved as a person is not aware, what to do? How to Do?, When to do?

So you should be clear about your goals and Focus on it.

5. Goals (“what you want to achieve ?”)

If you have all qualities and have a good plan to work on them but you don’t know where to apply them. Then you are not even on the first stairs of success.

You can’t achieve anything if you don’t know what to achieve.

So you should choose your goals wisely and precisely as you are going to give life to them Focus on it.

6. Action Plan (“how you are going to achieve it ?”)

You should know how to start your journey of success. For this, you should be clear about your goals.

You can take some time to make your execution plan and always have a plan B.

Your plan should be such that it can deal with any type of problems which you are going to face in your journey.


Focus is an integral part of success without which your situation will be like as you are searching for a needle in the husk.

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