Importance of Environment Protection in Education

Importance of Environment Protection in Education


The environment is made up of two words. “Part” which is around us, the “cover” which surrounds us, that is, the meaning of the Biosphere is whatever is around us. Surrounding is the aggregate of all those physical, chemical, and biological factors that affect an organism or an ecosystem population and determine their form, life, and survival.

The role of the Ecosystem is important in the healthy life of human beings. The surrounding fulfills our needs. It gives us air, food, and other necessities. The climate helps to regulate the air and climate. Not only humans, but animals, plants, and natural flora are completely dependent on their surroundings. You cannot even imagine life without the Ecosystem. Let’s understand the importance of the Ecosystem with SUCCESSISDECISION.


All living and non-living things living on this earth come under the Atmosphere Whether living on land or water, everyone is a part of the Ecosystem. The Biosphere includes air, water, sunlight, plants, animals, etc that’s why the importance of the Environment becomes crucial for us.

In our Solar system life exists only on the earth. The Atmosphere is essential for life. Who keeps all living beings safe. Human beings have done a lot of damage to the biosphere for their benefit. Problems like global warming and pollution have been included. Due to this many serious diseases have also arisen. But nature has blessed us with very beautiful things, due to which man can keep himself alive on the earth today.

The Environment meets all our needs. It provides all necessary things to us like food, shelter, and Air to survive and fulfills all the small and big needs of human beings.

Human life completely depends on environmental factors in maintaining various life cycles on earth. And is a source of natural beauty and is essential for physical and mental health. For millions of years, nature has provided us with everything from clothes, food, light, air, and forests to a better life. Helps in agriculture and growing crops. The existence of Earth is due to the biosphere, it acts as a blanket and protects from ultraviolet rays.

Earth is home to a wide variety of living species and we all depend on the Ecosystem for food, air, water, and other needs. That’s why it is our duty to protect our biosphere.

Atmosphere and man are incomplete without each other, that is man is completely dependent on the surrounding. Without the biosphere, man cannot even imagine life. No matter how much progress has been made in science today. But there is no comparison to what nature has made available to us.

WORLD ENVIRONMENT DAY: World atmosphere Day is celebrated on 5th June to make people understand the importance of the ecosystem and to make them aware of it. Environment Day was started on 5 June 1973.

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We get clean air, water, and other natural substance from the Ecosystem. It includes organic, abiotic, natural, and man-made things. Ecology includes trees, shrubs, rivers, sun, light, animals, etc. the air you breathe every moment, without water you cannot survive, without trees and plants life is impossible. That’s why the atmosphere is very important in our life.

The greenery of the trees and plants gives peace to your mind and the mind gets refreshed. Many of your diseases are cured only by your surroundings. The Environment helps humans, animals, and other organisms to grow and develop.


In today’s era, environmental pollution is increasing rapidly. Due to the increasing population on earth Ecosystem is degrading faster. Big buildings are being built by cutting down forests everywhere.

Car smoke, and factory chemicals mixed with water, all are causing air pollution, noise pollution, water pollution, etc. This is extremely harmful to our atmosphere Due to this many types of diseases are also arising. On the other hand, where technology has been promoted in science and there has been a lot of development in the world, on the other hand, it is also responsible for increasing environmental pollution.

Due to modernization, technology, and the use of technology, the Ecosystem is being adversely affected. Human beings are cutting trees and plants due to their selfishness, and the atmosphere is also harmed a lot.


  1. The contaminants and fumes emanating from the industry should be disposed of properly.
  2. The Biosphere is a precious stone for us. We all need to be aware of this ecosystem, to increase its beauty in the environment. It is our duty to take care of it.
  3. Knowing the importance of trees, more and more trees should be planted and others should also be encouraged for the same. Dense trees keep the Biosphere pure and provide you shade. Tress is also the habitat of animals and birds.
  4. The indiscriminate felling of trees and plants should be stopped.
  5. Vehicles should be used only when necessary.
  6. Strict laws should be made for the disposal of contaminated and poisonous substances.
  7. People should spread awareness to understand the importance of the biosphere.


The basic aim of environmental education is to explain the interrelationships of the human Ecosystem and to discuss all the components that govern life on earth. It includes humans, plants, and animal’s life.

The main purpose of ‘Environment Education’ is to create and get success by creating awareness about the protection and management of the Ecosystem in its responsibilities to the citizens. Through environmental education, we can make people aware of the Ecosystem. Tell them about the benefits to the Biosphere. The work of environmental education tries to save the living beings living on this earth from the calamities that come upon it and give them a happy life.

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Features of Environmental Education:

  1. It is the process that makes sense of the interrelationship between man and his cultural and biological Ecosystem.
  2. The process is the development of human skills, understanding, attitudes, beliefs, and values that improve the Ecosystem
  3. Decisions are taken about the quality of the Ecosystem, and exercises are done so that the problems can be solved.
  4. In this, the imbalance of Mother nature is identified and efforts are made to develop and improve it.
  5. It promotes creative skills and creativity to lead a healthy life.


Environment protection means protecting our Ecosystem, that is ecology protection. But our Ecosystem getting spoiled due to many reasons done by us. These reasons are as follows, due to the increase in global warming, deforestation, and various types of pollution, Ecology has become a cause of concern for us.

Environmental protection is very important not only for human beings but also for other living beings. Because the Ecosystem will not be safe, then the possibility of life on earth will also be reduced.

Types of environment conservation

There are some main types of environmental protection:

1. Water Conservation

  • Water conservation can be done by judicious use of groundwater.
  • Groundwater can also be conserved by collecting rainwater.
  • Water conservation can be made useful by controlling vegetation destruction.
  • Natural vegetation helps in regulating her water cycle.
  • The waste of domestic water can be reduced by recycling.
  • Groundwater is an important source of water supply in arid and semi-arid regions, which needs to be conserved.
  • Shortage can be met by treating wastewater and making it useful again.

2. Soil Conservation

  • Soil is the upper layer of the earth, which is formed as a result of the interaction of climatic organisms and physical factors.
  • Soil layers are formed as a result of long-term actions.
  • Soil can be conserved by adopting the mechanical method and crop farming.

3. Forest Conservation

  • Forest conservation can be promoted by planning and judicious cutting of deforestation and replanting of trees.
  • Forest conservation can be developed by exploiting forest resources to a sustainable extent.
  • Conservation of forests can also be taken care of by worldwide legislation on the environment.

4. Wildlife Conservation

  • Given the importance of wildlife and birds, the first law of protection of wild birds was passed in 1887.
  • After this, the Indian Board of Wildlife was established with the effort of the Bombay Natural History Society, established in 1883.
  • In 1935, a special policy of protection of wildlife was adopted by establishing the All India Wildlife Protection Association.
  • For the first time in 1952 AD, based on the study of fauna in the establishment of the Wildlife Council of India, 13 wild animals were classified as rare.
  • The Wildlife Protection Act was passed in 1972, and a strict ban has been imposed by the Government of India on the hunting and trade of wild animals.

5. Diversity Conservation

  • Biodiversity refers to the diversity in the biological composition of organisms found in any region, within a country, on continents, or globally.
  • India is one of the 10 largest rich nations in the world in terms of biodiversity.
  • The main objective of establishing the Bio-diversity Act, of 2002 is to promote protection and coordination for maintaining biodiversity.
  • Due to the rapid decline in biodiversity, for the first time on the world level, the Earth Conference held in Rio de Janeiro(Brazil) in 1992 AD emphasized the protection, conservation, and development of biodiversity for the safe future of the next generations.

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