Best Effective Parenting Guides for Children’s Success

Best Effective Parenting Guides for Children’s Success


Parenting is a behavior that parents inflict on their children. All aspects of children are taken care of by this behavior. Parenting Guides is a process that parents go through from childhood till their youth. It includes all aspects of physical, mental, and social. Upbringing is very important in the life of all of us. Our behavior, habits, and the right way of living, we all get only through upbringing.

The type of Parenting Guides the environment in which the children will be raised, their life, and their behavior will be the same. That is the mental state of the children, health, self-esteem, etc. all depend on the upbringing. The way you would raise your child, they will adopt the same type of behavior. That’s why you should always pay attention to your child’s upbringing.

Here is the list of Parenting Guides by SUCCESSISDECISION which can help children to get success in life.


Parenting Guides

Provide physical protection              

  • Providing food, clothing, and accommodation
  • Protect baby from danger
  • Protect baby from diseases

Physical development

  • Providing a healthy environment for the children to remain fit and healthy.
  • Provision of those resources which are necessary for physical development
  • Introduce and train the child in sports
  • Developing healthy habits

Providing mental protection

  • Providing a peaceful environment
  • Providing a just environment at home
  • Providing an environment in which there is no fear of intimidation or child abuse
  • Caress the baby

Striving for mental development

  • Teach reading, writing, counting
  • Mental game
  • Social skills and culture
  • Moral and spiritual development

Parenting Guides while raising children:

Parenting Guides are very important for Children and it acts as direction for them.

  • Do not take out your anger on the children: Sometimes parents take out the anger on the office or any other things on their children. Parents should not do this at all. Set aside your other problems and anger while teaching your child to discipline.
  • Give any kind of temptation: Mostly when children show any kind of tantrums or mischief, their parents lure them with different things. It is very wrong for them to do so. Because after this the children misbehave with you to get their demands fulfilled. They start feeling that if we do this then all our demands will be fulfilled. And then it became their habit. So, the right Parenting Guides are very important.
  • Do not shout in public: Most parents start scolding their children in the mall, in a public place, or in the park. During this, the child does not listen to you and starts paying attention to the fact that the people around are listening. The child feels humiliated. That’s why children should always be explained in solitude.
  • Do not overreact: Parents, on their children, starts shouting at the small mistake. Because of this, the child is unable to say what he wants to say, which is a big mistake. Because when you shout and talk to the child, he stopped listening or starts screaming like you. So instead of shouting about this mistake, explain it to him comfortably, so that he can follow your words. Right Parenting Guides can put them in the right and positive direction.

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Style of Parenting

Parenting, without it the development of any child is incomplete. Parenting is the name of that art, in which you take care of your child’s health and safety. Along with this, you make them responsible, mature, and cultured. The parenting Guides you use for this development of the child is called the parenting style.

Your parenting style will reflect how your child will develop and it will give an idea of what your child thinks about you. The first teacher of a child is his parents. That’s why your parenting Guides say a lot about your child.

Types of Parenting Styles | Authoritative Parenting

  1. Authoritarian Parenting
  2. Authoritative Parenting
  3. Permissive Parenting
  4. Uninvolved Parenting

Authoritarian Parenting:

Authoritarian parents want their children to follow the rules without any expectations. He believes that his child obeys him without any questions. They do not allow children to engage in problem-solving challenges or obstacles. They declare the result without knowing the opinion of their children. This is the wrong Parenting Guides.

Authoritarian parents use punishment as a reason for discipline. Instead of teaching them better ways, they make them feel wrong. They expect more from their children and don’t have satisfaction. Due to this, they make strict rules for children. They want to rule over their children, what they said is the final decision for the child. These people would hardly allow their children to do the work of their choice.

Authoritative Parenting:

Authoritative parents are also strict about the rules but they also take into account the opinion of their children. They understand the feelings of their children, as well as make it clear that whatever happens, adults are in charge of everything. Authoritative parents spend both time and energy with their children. Let them use different methods for positive discipline.

They praise children for their good behavior, as well as increase their morale by rewarding them. Children raised by authoritative parents are happy and successful. They are also capable of making decisions and facing problems. This is good Parenting Guidance.

Permissive Parenting:

These parents were generous style. When there is a serious problem, only then do they take any steps. They are very forgiving and forgive their children’s faults immediately. They play the role of a friend more than parents, talk to and encourage their children on all problems. But they usually don’t put effort into preventing bad choices or bad behavior in their children.

Permissive parents do not control the behavior of their children. Allow them to follow their dream and live their life. If these children get angry more, then do not control your anger. Such children are more worried about their studies and they have to struggle for studies. Such children mostly lack self-esteem and remain unhappy. Parenting Guides need more improvement.

Uninvolved Parenting:

Uninvolved parents expect children to raise themselves. They do not spend much time or energy on the basic needs of the children. Uninvolved parents may be careless, but they do not do so intentionally. Due to mental health or other reason, parents are not able to care for their physical or emotional needs.

Uninvolved -parents have little knowledge about child development and sometimes they are troubled by other problems, such as office work, paying bills, running household expenses, family tension, worrying about some disease, etc.

Children of uninvolved parenting lack self-esteem. They perform poorly in school.

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Q1. What is Parenting?

Parenting is a behavior that a parent adopts for their children. Parenting plays a very important role in deciding children’s futures and behavior, as children learn a lot from parents because parents are the first teachers of every child. Good Parenting can develop positive changes in child-like patience, focus, positive thinking, satisfaction, self-deve0lopment, etc.

Q2. Why Parenting plays an important role in a child’s development?

Good Parents always think about the consequences of their behavior toward children. They always try their best to teach their children good values. They teach children how to stay calm in difficult situations as every problem is temporary. They always give their best, understand their children and motivate them.

Q3. What are the features of Good Parenting Guides?

Good Parenting has the following features:
a. Understand Children
b. Teach them when they commit a mistake
c. Stays calm and cool and also teaches same to their child
d. Stays motivated and thinks positively and teaches the same to their child
e. Always stay with their child when they are in difficulty and needed them most
f. Guides their children at every stage
g. Instead of becoming parents, they become friends with their children

Q4. How do become Good Parents?

Good Parents always know what is good and what is bad for their children. When children grow they need someone who may understand their feeling, they need a friend who can understand them. So, instead of becoming parents scolding them for mistakes, arguing with them, and not giving freedom to them for doing what they want is not a sign of good parenting.
a. Be with them when they are in problem
b. Behave like a friend
c. Understand their feelings
d. Guide them when they are stuck
e. Appreciate them for good work and teach them for mistakes

Q5. Why Good Parenting is needed?

According to a WHO survey, 1 in every 4 children in the age group 14-15 is afraid to tell their dream to their parents. This is because of the fear of children that their parents will not understand them or they just want to follow their parent’s dream instead of following their own dream.

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