Why Positive Thinking is Important in Life | 7 Benefits of Positive Thinking in Healthy Life for Success

Why Positive Thinking is Important in Life | 7 Benefits of Positive Thinking in Healthy Life for Success

What is Positive Thinking?

It is a practice of focusing on Good things and brings positive attitudes.

Positive Thinking

There is a famous quote

“Just start Thinking Positive and Positive things will start happening in your life.”

Life is full of challenges, problems, sadness due to failure but also life gives you many opportunities to become happy.

Positive Thinking gives you many reasons to smile, many chances to become successful, many second chances to solve your problems, and a reason to be happy.

These all are possible only if you take everything as an opportunity by thinking positively.

As a coin has two faces Head(H) and Tail(T), similarly life has two faces


which are full of success, many second chances to solve your problems, and a reason to be happy.


Which are full of misery, problems, sadness, and failure and will give you all possible reasons to become disappointed.

These all Good and Bad situations are related to thinking. If we are Positive thinking, we will lead a good life and will enjoy all options which a good life gives like success, many second chances to solve your problems, and a reason to be happy.

But if we think negatively we will enjoy all the bad options that a Bad life will give like misery, problems, sadness, and failure.

Positive Thinking is a practice of focusing on Good things and having patience rather than Bad Things happening in life. It is like medicine for all problems which we are facing in life.

If we think positively it eliminates all fear which we face on our way to success.

It is said that

“What you think, You become.”

If we think positively all positive things will happen in our life. There are many people in this world who have proved to others and are examples for others to learn that Positive Thinking can lead you to the mountain of success.

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Example of Positive Thinking

SUCCESSISDECISION has brought few examples of Positive thinking that will surely help you.

1. Deepa Malik-  She was paralyzed due to a spine tumor. She was having all reasons to lead a life of disabled a person.

But she never underestimated her abilities. This attitude of thinking Positive took her to the pick of success and she became the first Indian woman to win a silver medal in Paralympics 2016.

What would have happened? if she would have thought negatively that she will not be able to do anything in her life. This is the power of Positive Thinking.

2. Bill Gates- He is the Co-founder of Microsoft. When he started his company his first business plan failed. He was not even able to properly represent his ideas to potential buyers.

He was also having all reasons to shut down his business plan and start a normal job.

But he Thinks Positively and never gives up, and now we all know Microsoft. Our computer can’t run without Microsoft Windows.

3. Thomas Alva Edison –  Founder of Bulb. He failed 10000 times, his passion and Positive Thinking have never let his confidence down and he was successful.

When he was asked about his failure he gently replied he has that he found new 10000 ways that won’t work. This attitude is due to Positive Thinking.

4. Albert Einstein –   A great scientist. He started speaking at the age of 4 years. He failed many times in his university entrance exam.

But today he is among great scientists and has given many important discoveries.

There are several leading Example that shows how Positive Thinking can lift you from ground Zero to until you become a Hero in your life.

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Why you should Think Positive? | 5 Important Points to remember


1. You can’t change your past.

Don’t waste time regretting your mistakes done in past. Instead, use the present time for improving your mistakes. You can’t go into the past and undo but you can work in present and do your best in the future.

2. You will only fail if you quit.

If you work hard there is a 101% chance you will win but if you simply seat by folding your hands your chances of success is 0%. So don’t quit instead fight for what you want with full dedication and keep Positive Thinking.

3. Other’s opinions can’t define you.

Listen to all because their suggestion might help you but do what you feel good about. If you are satisfied with your hard work, you are in the right direction.

People want you to get success but it is also true that they don’t want you to do better than them.

4. Happiness is found within you only.

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If you are happy with your result, you are on the way to success. Have confidence in yourself and believe in yourself this will make you happy from the inside.

5. Be proud of yourself.

Believe in your strength and be proud of yourself. This will build self-Confidence in you and help you to get success.

7 Advantages of Positive Thinking that Will Make Your Life Better

  1. Positive Thinking develops Self-confidence.
  2. It helps in Self-development
  3. Lower rates of depression
  4. Increases Life Span
  5. Greater resistance to illness
  6. Improves thinking power
  7. Increases the chance of success

FAQs ( Frequently Asked Questions )

Q1. Is Positive thinking relevant?

Ans. Yes, Without thinking Positive your life is like a Life without light.

Q2. How we can Think Positive?

Ans. You just think everything is a part of life. Always think every problem comes with a solution. Do regular exercise and things which makes you happy. As a small light removes the whole darkness same way a small positive thought removes fear.

Q3. Can Positive Thinking helps in achieving our goals?

Ans. To achieve your goals you have to work hard but Positive Thoughts can help you to overcome your fear of failure.

Q4. How thinking Positive can help in increasing life span?

Ans. Positive thoughts keeps us depression free which improves our mental conditions thus increasing life span.

Q5. How Positive Thinking helps in personality Development?

Ans. Positive thoughts improve our brain functioning and keep us healthy. It increases our thinking power which develops a positive attitude which helps in personality development.