How ‘a Good Role Model’ Helps in Child-Development | Best 10 Qualities

How ‘a Good Role Model’ Helps in Child-Development | Best 10 Qualities

What is Role Model?

A Role Model is a person whose behavior, journey, qualities, and success become the inspiration for others and they start imitating him.

Role Model

It is said-

“Children are great copycats, so “give them something great to copycat

When a child is born his/her parents are the first Role Model with whom his/her great journey of life begins. Parents are the first teacher of a child. He/She starts learning what is taught by his/her parents.

He/She also learn by seeing their action and starts imitating them. They help a child in differentiating what is good and what is bad.

Thus the first stage of any child begins with his/her parents. This first stage is the foundational base for any child’s life as he starts to follow his/her parent’s activities, and behavior.

Here, the parent’s role becomes crucial as it is said

“A Role Model is the most effective form that helps in educating.”

As a porter has the unique ability to mold any raw clay to make different and beautiful utensils and other beautiful clay articles.

It is in his/her hand how to give shape, color, size, and strongness to his made things so that they are long-lasting and are good examples for others also.

Similarly, Parents are like porters and a child is like raw clay. Whatever they will teach him, he/she is going to learn and use it in his/her life. So here parent’s role becomes most important, their teaching is the foundational base for any child’s life and helps them to get success


“It doesn’t matter whether the glass is half-full or half-empty, it is you who is pouring water in the glass.”

So a child is like a glass, whatever you’re going to pour is on you.

We can learn Examples of a Good Role Model from animals also

Example Elephant

Elephants live in family groups called HERDS. Herds are made from all-female elephants and their baby elephants. The oldest mother is the leader of the HERD called MATRIARCH. She guides all groups in search of water and food.

The whole HERD is depended on her decision whether wrong or right. They trust her. She teaches all important lessons to small baby elephants and also leadership qualities to other female elephants so that when they will become leaders they will do the same.

MATRIARCH is the Role Model for all HERD. All elephants in HERD blindly follow her decision so it is also the responsibility of the leader to make the right choice.

Similarly, as a Child grows at every stage of life he/she has a different Role Model that plays a crucial part in the development of a child’s life.

Different Role Models in a Child Life


1. Parents 

When a child is born parents are the first Role Model with whom his/her great journey of life begins. Parents are the first teacher of a child. He/She starts learning what is taught by his/her parents.

As Parents better understand their child, they can easily differentiate between what is good and bad for their child. As a child is more comfortable with his/her parents so he can easily learn from them.

Also, not only Parents but other family members can also be a Good Role Model for a child. As a child is more comfortable with their brother, sister, and their grandparents than their parents.

A Child-Development is a phase through which a child will come across good and bad aspects of life. Here he needs a guide to identify and understand these elements and here his Role Model can help him to learn what is good and bad.

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2. Teachers

When a child enters in next stage of life and starts his/her educational journey. He/she now start learning new things. Here also there are some teachers by whom children are inspired and they start following him.

And some of the teachers become Role Model for their students.

Thus, here Teachers role becomes important as they now have full authority to guide students in the right direction of their future. As Educational stage is the foundation for carrier development.

It is said that

“A Role Model is like a window, through which many children see their future.”

Thus, the teacher plays the role of the window. So this the responsibility of a Teacher to treat their students equally and guide them in the right direction.

3. Others

A child can follow a person from his interest point of view.

For example

If a child loves to watch cricket he can have a Role Model from cricket like Sachin Tendulkar, MS Dhoni, etc.

If a child loves to do painting he/she can have M.F.s Hussain, Leonardo da Vinci, etc.

Why Role Model is important?


1. Motivation

Everyone needs the right guidance in his/her life, especially if he/she is in the early stage of life. When a child comes across a situation where he/she feels de-motivated then Role Model can help them to revive and have a positive attitude

As they have faced all bad situations in their life and know how to come out of these bad situations. This can help a child to get success and help them in Self-Development.

2. Career Path

 A child chooses a Role Model according to their interest in which he/she wants to develop his career than he already has someone who can guide them how to overcome difficulties they faced during their time of development.

They know all problems a child is going to face and thus can help a child in building career without wasting time in such problems.

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3. Focus

A Role Model helps a child to focus on their goal and proceed without any diversion they are facing in life.

4. Character Development

A good Role Models helps in building a positive attitude and good qualities in a child. As a child will try to pick up good characteristics of theirs.

5. Skill Development

A child tries to imitate all skills of a person whom he/she is following. If a child is following a footballer he will develop skills like stamina and good fitness.

What Good qualities should a Role Model have?

Let’s understand the Qualities of a Good Role Model with SUCCESSISDECISION

1. Optimistic

He should be able to extract opportunities even from bad situations when others think it’s impossible.

2. Confidence

Confidence helps to develop a positive attitude and prevents from depression. It helps to believe in our abilities.

3. Hardworking

A Role model should never give an excuse. He should have passion and hunger of success.

4. Unique

He should be making his/her own way of success.  Life is like a race but there is only one winner who is unique, which separates him from others.

5. Communicative

Communication is a two-way process where both people exchange knowledge and through communication, many problems can be easily solved.

6. Respectful

A Good Role Model always has respect for others as everyone is working hard in their own way. He always respects the feeling of others.

7. Knowledgable

If a person is doing something without having knowledge of it, can lead to failure. So it is very important to have enough knowledge in the field you are working.

8. Self-Improvement

 A Good Role Model always learns from mistakes and always updates himself with the current scenario.

9. Healthy Lifestyle

He loves to live a healthy life, as Health is wealth. Without good health a person will not be able to give his 100% to any work.

10. Honesty

He should be honest about his work and towards other people. As Honesty help to build trust and develop Self-confidence.

11. Accountability

A Good Role Model Should be accountable for his work. He should always take full responsibility for his work.

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