What is Satisfaction and Why Satisfaction is Important in Life?

What is Satisfaction and Why Satisfaction is Important in Life?

What is Satisfaction?

Satisfaction is a state of mind that everyone wants to achieve but it is human nature, the more we get the more we want.  Satisfaction is often compared with a favorable outcome that we want to achieve. If we get want, we are satisfied otherwise we remain distressed.

Pleasure is often compared with peace. It is directly proportional to peace and other states of mind. Satisfaction plays an important role in behavior development. A satisfied person is very cool and calm. He is full of positivity, he is able to focus on his goal more easily than an unsatisfied person.

Satisfaction plays a vital role in self-development. It develops internal peace, relaxes our minds, and helps us to live a stress-free life.

What is the Importance of Satisfaction in Life?


Satisfaction is a measure of a healthy life, It develops a sense of understanding in a person. Satisfaction is associated with positive outcomes. Let’s understand the Importance of pleasure in Life with SUCCESSISDECISION :

1. Better Health and longevity

Satisfaction helps in developing positive thoughts. If we are able to achieve want we are working for then we are satisfied with our efforts and achievements. This makes us happy from the inside and it is said that happiness is natural healing medicine.

Health is not only physically related but it is mentally and psychologically related. If a person is physically fit, it does not means that he is healthy.

Health is a state of physical, mental, and psychological well-being. These states are achieved only when we feel happy from the inside. Makes sure you are satisfied with what you are doing. Good Health helps to live long.

Thus, Satisfaction is directly proportional to healthy and long life.

2. Higher Performance

If you are satisfied with the results for which you worked day and night. You feel motivated and you are full of confidence. You are more focused now on your goal and now you have a positive mindset. This Positive mindset helps you to work hard and achieve goals with more accuracy.

This satisfaction increases your working efficiency which results in high performance. Now you are ready to face any complex problems which you will face while achieving your goals.

3. Stronger Social relationship

A social relationship is an interaction between two or more people. Satisfaction develops behavioral changes in a person. It brings calmness, peace, and understanding in person. It develops the ability to evaluate things. pleasure also develops a moral character in a person.

This moral character makes him a better social person.

4. Positive Attitude

A positive attitude means being hopeful about any situation, and yourself. It helps to see the best even in the worst.

A Positive attitude is an outcome of Satisfaction which we achieve with our hard work and consistency. This consistency and hard work help in achieving our goals. We are now more confident which our success. This develops a positive attitude in us and this positive attitude develops a positive mindset.

We are now able to enjoy our journey of success with a positive attitude and confidence.  

5. Higher Educational Outcomes

Education needs concentration and hard work which finally leads to success. If a student works hard he gets good marks in his academic curriculum, he also gets a reward for it. This generates a passion inside students which they start following to build their carrier.

Satisfaction results in a positive attitude among students after they get good marks in exams, in projects also for which they are rewarded. They continue their journey of the dream as some want to be doctors, some want to be engineers, some want to be pilots, and others.

Thus, pleasure

plays an important role in completing higher education successfully.

6. Greater Progress towards Goals

Everyone has some goals which they want to achieve, also for which they work hard or working hard. But to achieve their goals-

  • They need stable peace of mind to focus or concentrate on their goals,
  • They need Positive thinking,
  • They need a positive mindset,
  • They need a better understanding

Without these factors, they will never be able to reach their destination of success. So, a stable mind needs peace which can only be achieved if he is satisfied which his hard work, and his efforts. Always ask a question yourself, are you satisfied with what you are doing? Are you satisfied with your hard work?

And if the answer is yes, then you are on the way to achieving your goals.

Satisfaction is related to happiness which is an essential or integral part of well-being. However, satisfaction is of two types:

Types of Satisfaction

1. Fulfillment of Expectation

Everyone has some expectations either from himself or from others. This expectation is the result of a belief to achieve something. When we work hard or put our efforts into something then we are expected to get the desired result from it. It is natural, and if we are able to achieve our goals we are satisfied.

So, satisfaction is directly or indirectly dependent on expectations.

2. Feeling of being pleased with someone

The feeling is a very wide concept, which generates attraction towards anything. We start relating ourselves with the pleased one. We see his success as ours, his problems our, and we start feeling him. His every action put an impact on us, either positive or negative.

When he is satisfied, we also feel satisfied.

What are the Factors that affect Satisfaction in life?

1. Personality

Everyone has a different personality and personality defines a person’s character. Personality develops over time, as a person gets exposure to different situations, and accordingly his personality develops. Another factor that leads to personality development is socialization.

A person living in a group acquires some traits from that group for example if a person lives among priests he starts adopting their routine and his personality develops accordingly.

People with openness who love to communicate and help others have more life satisfaction than people who lives alone. Sometimes personalities are acquired inherited from our parents.

Personality with positive thinking and problem solving are more capable of dealing with negative thoughts like stress, anger, hate, etc. So a good personality can also influence others positively.

2. Self-esteem

Self-esteem is knowing oneself, If a person believes in his qualities and abilities he is more satisfied than any other. Self believe is very important for satisfaction in life. Always know your abilities and strength this can help you stay satisfied.

3. Outlook on Life

Individual perception towards his own life defines his satisfaction. Outlook towards life basically depends on two things.

  • Hope
  • Optimism

People always do anything with the hope that they will get good outcomes from their work. And if they are successful they get satisfaction in return. But Optimism is related to higher satisfaction.

People who focus less on negative thoughts are happier than those who always think negatively. Also, people who feel happy by seeing others happy has more satisfaction in life than others.

4. Age

According to research Satisfaction is U shape related to age. In teenagers, age satisfaction is less. it can be because of more rules and regulations or more parental control. In middle age, satisfaction rises as a person starts earning and can fulfill his demands. He has a good salary, life, children, etc.

But in the end, a person can’t fulfill his all desire because of family or any other reasons.

5. Life events and Experiences

Every day in life is a miracle, we don’t know what’s going to happen next. If a person receives good news, if it’s his birthday, if he is enjoying a party and many more daily life events, he is happy and feels satisfied.

But on other hand, it can also get bad news like the death of his beloved or close one. He may get any other bad news in any form that can make him unhappy.

These all small daily life events contribute to life satisfaction.

6. Seasonal Effects

According to a study, Satisfaction depends on weekdays, months, yearly events, etc. For example, for office worker weekend i.e, Saturday and Sunday are the happiest days. As they can enjoy their personal life because of weekdays off.

In hot summer and chilly winter, some may not feel comfortable and because of this, they can feel irritated. For them, Spring and rainy seasons may be pleasant seasons. For children, summer and winter vacations are the happiest days of their life.

As they know they will go either on a trip or to their villages to enjoy. So, Satisfaction has a seasonal effect also.

7. Values

Values come from inside, it depends on the way of understanding. Values are often associated with high performance, good health, and good social relationship.

Satisfaction is often related to happiness, for someone it may be money, for someone it may love, it varies from person to person.

A person who values materialism like money, material items, etc is less satisfied than those who believe in interrelationship, who believes in socialization, who believe in love and helping each other.

8. Culture

Cultures are values followed by people, it is related to societal beliefs and values. Culture helps in both general life satisfaction and also helps to balance positive and negative thoughts in life.

9. Family

Family plays an important role in getting satisfaction in life. As satisfaction depends on every member of a family, it depends on how close they are among themselves. For children, parental support is satisfaction as it gives them moral support.

For men, the wife plays an important role as she can make her husband feel relaxed by taking care of him.

10. Marriage

Marriage depends on understanding each other thus resulting in satisfaction. If couples like each other and understand well, they live a happy happy, and satisfying life, for example, love marriage. In arranged marriage couples are unaware of each other and shy to discuss each other problems.

11. Career

If a person lands his favorite job then he thinks he is successful. He does his job happily and in a satisfied mood. He becomes more optimistic about his career and wants to do well in his field.

The chance of success is increased if a person is working in his niche. He focuses on his work and thinks positively and this helps in self-development. And in the end, he gets life satisfaction.

What is the true meaning of Satisfaction?

Satisfaction means getting peace after the fulfillment of a wish, goal, dream, and need. If you are confident enough to accept your result then it is called satisfaction. It can be compensated for wrong done to you. It means the cause which makes you satisfied.

What are synonyms of Satisfation?

Synonyms of Satisfaction are contentment, contentedness, content, pleasure, gratification, fulfilment, happiness, sense of well-being, pride, sense of achievement, delight, joy, enjoyment, relish, triumph, self-satisfaction, smugness, complacency, self-content, appeasement, assuagement, compensation, recompense, reparation, restitution, repayment, payment, settlement, reimbursement, indemnification, indemnity, damages, redress

How to achieve Satisfaction?

Satisfaction can be achieved if you are happy from inside. Do things which makes you happy, Always try to stay positive from inside. Always believe you abilities.

Is Satisfaction a feeling?

Satisfaction is a state mind which makes us comfortable and provide happiness and pleasant feeling after we achieve something which we wants.

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