What is Stress and How Stress is Caused? | 25 Best, Effective, and Guaranteed Stress-Free Life Tricks for Happy and Free Mind

What is Stress and How Stress is Caused? | 25 Best, Effective, and Guaranteed Stress-Free Life Tricks for Happy and Free Mind

What is Stress-Free Life?

The World Health Organisation (WHO) defines stress as “the reaction people may have when presented with demands and pressures that are not matched to their knowledge and abilities and which challenge their ability to cope.” It is not a disease.

In general terms, Stress is any kind of change that is happening to one’s body and it can be Emotional, Mental, Physical, Psychological. To live Stress-Free Life you should understand the reasons behind stress.

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Distress-Free Life

What are the types of Stress and the changes a body experiences under Stress?

1. Under Mental Stress – Memory loss, Headache, Migraine, Hair Loss, Grey Hair at an early age.

2. Under Physical stress- A Person may become overweight or thin depending on the immunity of a person, Body Ache.

3. Under Emotional stress – Jealousy, Irritation, Crying often, Depression.

4. Under Psychological changes – Feeling Lonely, Depressed, Behaviour changes.

Stress has become a part of today’s lifestyle. It is not a disease for which one needs some serious treatment but even some normal therapy, and psychological advice can help to resolve it. It can be done by yourself also and will help you to live Stress-Free Life.

How to Overcome Stress and Tension from Our Daily Life? | Best 8 Stress Relief Activities to live Stress-Free Life

SUCCESSISDECISION has brought some Best Stress-Free Activities which can change your life.

1. Talk to yourself before you take advice from others –

Sometimes stress can be of any workload, examination related, or maybe due to personal life. In this type of situation, one must understand that these all are temporary problems it will pass away.

So, stressing over an issue that is not in your control will cause you further loss, maybe emotionally, physically, mentally, or maybe both and you can’t live Stress-Free Life.

Example – A student feels pressurise over his/ her exam result and often takes some serious steps like suicide. They need to understand that an exam is just a lesson of your life, not a whole chapter that you lost. 

In these types of situations near and dear ones play a very important role. They can check on their friends, colleagues, stranger if they find any changes they should come forward to help them.

The family here plays a very crucial role like if a child is not talking much, not doing what he loves to do, not eating properly, or any type of changes in child behavior. They should talk to them ask them if they are ok or not if they need any help or not Stress has become a part of today’s lifestyle. It is not a disease for which one needs some serious treatment but even some normal therapy, and psychological advice can help to resolve it. It can be done by yourself also and this will help you to live Stress-Free Life.

Here, they should help as a friend of his/her child, not as a guardian. So before taking any serious step one should think that time shall too pass. It will not stay forever.

2. Eat Properly and Eat Healthy Food

As today’s lifestyle has become so time-consuming people often ignore their hunger. They go for the option that is less time-consuming.

Example – 2 minutes atta noodles, 30 minutes delivery at Swiggy, Pizza hut, and so on.

All these people have forgotten that they are damaging their own bodies for the sake of time.

If one eats proper food and healthy food which includes green vegetables, fruits, and salad, there are fewer chances that people will feel stressed. If one eats healthy fruits, it refreshes them and makes the body active and strong and Stress has become a part of today’s lifestyle.

It is not a disease for which one needs some serious treatment but even some normal therapy, and psychological advice can help to resolve it. It can be done by yourself also and will help you to live Stress-Free Life.

3. Starts Exercising or Go for a Walk

Everyone wants 6-pack abs, a full-toned body but by not doing workouts but by taking supplements, injections that are available on the market. 

If you start doing Gym, do Yoga, or go for walk you will give time to yourself. You will surely discover a NEW YOU. By giving time to yourself, you will also get many unfindable answers by yourself. That will also resolve your stress and make you feel happy and fresh and will help you to live Stress-Free Life.

It’s like in Hindu term – “Ek Panth 2 kaj” means by doing one job you get double benefits or profit.

4. Talk to Your Old Friends and Buddies

Relive your old days. If you are feeling depressed and lonely, you should call your friends to get together or you can plan a holiday. There you can revive yourself, help yourself to cheer up. Talking to your friends and spending time with your friends will help you and you can also share your problems with them they will help you, guide you, teach you to be YOU.

Talking to your friends is like therapy, which is very important in especially today’s busy life. A friend who knows you will always be there for you to cheer up, talk to them, share your problems. Instead of keeping them in your heart let them be in your lips, you will feel REFRESH and will help you to get success in terms of stress-free life.

5. Take Time from Your Social Media Activity

Social Media in today’s world has become a new BUZZ. Everyone here is showing off their clothes, cars, their lifestyle. But it doesn’t share their failure, it does not share their inabilities. People often get jealous of others and try to start copying them, demanding to their parents to also give them cool gadgets and lifestyle even these are out of the pocket of expenditure of their parents. 

Social media does not show the real world they just show the REEL world. Instead of watching out for someone or staling someone and their lifestyle a person must spend time with their family and friends. Do what you like, Do your hobbies. That will be more beneficial for you and will help you to live Stress-Free Life.

6. Starts grooming yourself

You can groom yourself by taking care of yourself. By giving yourself some time the space which you need. By taking an off from job to do what you like to do. By taking yourself to dinner or a movie. These all steps will help you to be better you, to know your worth, and will help you to live Stress-Free Life.

7. Learn to say NO (Don’t be Over-Friendly)  

A person who doesn’t know how to say NO will often get depressed. He/she starts blaming him/herself for others’ causes. If you don’t know your limits people will start using you and a time will come when they will take you for granted.

For example – If you are helping others even it causes mental unrest to you. You are harming your peace. You are ignoring your emotions and values at the cost of your happiness over other happiness. This is called stupidity in today’s time.

At times people start taking you for granted, they will use you for their happiness. It will cause mental trauma and this is not good for your Stress-Free Life.

A person must be within limits to help others. Helping is good but helping at cost of one’s happiness is not Good at All.

8. Starts Loving Nature

Nature is the most beautiful creation of God. If you love them, they will surely love you back. Like if you plant a tree and give them time to grow, it will give you shed, fruits, vegetables, and most importantly oxygen.

By giving time to nature, you feel closer to nature, the creation, it will help you to grow and learn every day something new. Nature stand-alone and strong, even in case of floods tsunamis, or any type of disaster. Similarly, it teaches us how to be stand-alone and strong in difficulties, and on bad days and will help you to live Stress-Free Life.

It gives you a lesson to be strong in every type of problem in your life.

How to Manage Stress and Pressure at Work and Office?

1. Talk to Your Seniors –

If you are feeling any workload you should talk to your seniors. They will give their experiences and help you to come out of your problem. They will teach you to manage work-load and will help in time management.

They also want that their employees should be stress-free so that they may be productive. Your stress-free life is more beneficial to them. Even if you have any problems with your colleagues you should tell you, senior.

2. Don’t Take Each and Everything on Your Heart

Your Life is a journey in which you will come across many situations and many types of people who will demotivate you. Even in your office, or at home you may sometimes have bad days but you need to understand that these are part of your daily life.

If you every time take everyone’s words at your heart, you will start hurting yourself. You just need to forget no need to memorize everything. You should face every situation with a smile. And you should tell yourself that everything is going to be OK and will help you to live Stress-Free Life.

3. Just Ignore and Be Calm

Ignoring is the best medicine to get rid of stress. By Ignoring you are not just helping yourself but you are making yourself ready for any type of Stress also. A person who fights with everyone will get alone at times. So, by ignoring others you are helping yourself by choosing mental peace.

You will come across many teasing people, who will try their best to make you uncomfortable but just stay calm and ignore such people and will help you to live Stress-Free Life.

4. Make Good Friends

A friend in need is a friend indeed.

A good friend will not only help you with your workload but also with your life goals. Having one such friend at your side will help you a lot.

Instead of focusing on quantity, focus on the quality of friends. You need to be careful in selecting such good friends who will help you to live Stress-Free Life.  

 5. Don’t let stress affect your Personal Life as it may also affect your Professional Life.

At times we see a very sensitive person who gets affected by very small issues. There should be some limits to one’s emotions. Also, there should be a clean thick boundary between personal and professional life. Don’t let them cross each other’s boundaries.

As Personal Life and Professional Life are co-related to each other. If anyone is disturbed it will automatically disturb others because of which you can’t live Stress-Free Life.

How to overcome Distress and anxiety for Men/women?

1. Set Daily /Weekly Goals

If one can achieve a targeted goal, they don’t feel overburdened in the end. Make goals that are easy to be complete and easily achievable. So that once you complete it you will feel Joy not sad or depressed.

You should not set such Goals which are either impossible to achieve or very difficult to achieve as they may disturb your Stress-Free Life.

2. By Being You

You are You, not others that the unique quality you have. You don’t need to copy others. By being you, you are showing to the world that you are strong, confident, and Independent.

Everyone is unique in their ways and has some qualities which only they have and is not in others. These qualities can make you different from others if you believe in yourself and your abilities. It can help you to achieve what you want and will always help you when you are under Stress and will help you to live Stress-Free Life.

3. Start giving Time to Yourself

Instead of tracing or tracking others, one must follow her/himself path religiously. By choosing yourself, you are showing your worth that you are unique in your way. If you are not able to give some time to yourself, again you can feel stress.

Giving time to yourself means that you are allowing yourself to analyze any situation and it will help you to stay calm and you will be able to think positive and will help you to live Stress-Free Life.

5. Dance and music-

Some people love to dance and some love to sing or some love both. These two are the most strong weapons to overcome any kind of anxiety and stress. If you are feeling alone and depressed you can listen to your favorite songs. It will refresh you and give you pleasure and also helps in Stress-Free Life.

 Music is compared with a soul as it touches the soul and helps in concentrating on any type of work. Dance and Music create positive vibes not only in you but people around you also starts feeling Positive and will help you to live Stress-Free Life.

6. By doing yoga and exercise

Yoga and Exercise will help you to release your stress and focus on your wellbeing and your existence.

By following a yoga or exercise routine you will remain fit and active. There are very less chances that you will feel stress or any anxiety. It helps in controlling your blood pressure and heartbeats.

Yoga is very impactful in creating Positive vibes and will help you to live Stress-Free Life.

7. Find Your Worth

Every human being has some special role to perform. If you will be able to find out the reason for your existence you will know your worth. A good human being helps others to be a good human. Helps them to achieve their goal and as a result, you will feel good, happy and Positive.

8. Perform your Hobbies

By performing your hobbies you will realize your worth, your values. You will not feel burdened or any work stress. You will feel confident. You will find out what you love or what you love to do in your free time.

This will help in making your Stress-Free Life.

9. Good Sleep

In today’s busy schedule one has forgotten how proper sleep is required for a human being. People to perform some job tasks ignore their sleep. After some time, they will start feeling irritated and burdened.

Good sleep is a must which will help you to live Stress-Free Life.

A body is like a machine if the machine performs continuously, it will stop working soon. The same is the case with the body. The body also needs some rest to start performing again.

10. By keeping yourself positive  

A person who has a positive approach will always find good in bad. But a person with a negative mindset will always find out some bad even in the good. A positive approach is a must to be live Stress-Free Life and to be burden-free.


Stress has now become a lifestyle problem. Almost everyone has a stress of one or other. Like some have financial stress while others have sone insecurity stress. Some have work stress some has exam stress, some have some family issue, or maybe some has personal stress. It now has become a lifestyle but some people often start treating them as a disease, often confusing them with depression. But both are very different from each other. One can overcome stress by him/herself. By giving some time to him/herself, by knowing the reason behind the problems.

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