What is Success? And How to Become Successful in Life? 10 Keys to become Successful in Life

What is Success? And How to Become Successful in Life? 10 Keys to become Successful in Life

What is Success?

Success is a journey through which we achieve the goals and aims of our life. Success is sometimes compared with social status which a person has gained through his/her hard work. But the definition of achievement can vary from person to person as it also depends on the way how a person understands and look at it.

For Example For a Rich person, success means earning money, achieving his business goals, and widening his empire. For a middle-class person, a positive outcome means earning a good job with a good salary and living a peaceful life with his family.

For Sage, success means achieving internal peace, understanding god, and meeting his soul with god.

For Students, a positive outcome means getting good marks in examinations and after completing graduation landing a good salary job. Also, getting a government job.

For parents achievement means, their children are well educated and living a peaceful life with good earnings. So, the definition of a positive outcome varies from person to person.

SUCCESSISDECISION has brought an article that can help you to solve all problems which you face in your journey of achievement.

What is the True Meaning of Success in Life?

Success is not just a simple word. It has a wide variety in its meaning. Many people fail to achieve positive outcomes not because they do not work hard for their goals but because they failed to understand the true meaning of achievement.

Success does not mean only achieving your goals. If you are able to learn even from your failure you are a successful person. Because failure is a better teacher than the desired result. Achievement only teaches how to do things but failure also teaches how not to do things and by learning this you can master your weakness and can easily and more effectively achieve success.

Never feel disappointed if you are not able to achieve your goals on the first attempt. Believe in yourself and in your hard work, it will surely lead you to a positive outcome.

To achieve a truly positive outcome you need to understand the true meaning of success. If you are able to achieve any of the below things you are a successful person –

Satisfaction – If you know you have given your 101% to anything but are still not able to achieve what you deserved then don’t be disappointed because there are many people who are not even trying and just thinking of it. You are far better than them.

Peace – Success is like hunger, if you achieve something you want more. And in this process, you lose your all comfort, and peace, and forget to enjoy moments of your life. Such a positive outcome is of no use because you have paid a heavy price to achieve your achievement in terms of precious moments of life.

Experience – Success only teaches you to achieve your targets. But failure teaches you what you can avoid becoming successful. A person who knows what not to do is more experienced than a person who just knows how to do it. And this experience makes you strong, which you can pass on to your generation or to anyone.

Patience – Patience is a powerful tool without which you can not achieve anything. If you have patience you can achieve anything you want. Failure teaches you how to keep patience when everything is against you.

A lion is still king of the jungle even if he does not roar and sits quietly. Because he knows his ability and waits patiently for his turn. Similarly, you are the king of your world be patient and believe in yourself.

What problem do we often face in the way of Success in Life?


In the way of Success in everyone’s life, a stage comes when he gets confused, What he/she is doing in his life? what should he/she do now in his life? What are his/her goals Will I get to Succeed?

These all situation arises when we start comparing ourselves with others. Comparing yourself with others is good but the key to becoming successful lies in comparing yourself with yourself only.

People often say don’t look back, no one can change the past. In a way they are right but never forget your past, it is like a storage device where your mistakes are saved.

Whenever you are in the same situation you can easily access them and learn from them. Mistakes are like a reminder, which reminds you about your past and leads to Success.

Never be afraid to make mistakes. Mistakes are like our teacher who teaches us how to do anything in the right way to get favorable results.

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1. Why He/She is better than me?

2. What people will say if I fail?

3. How can I do it Alone?

4. Will I get success?

5. What if I fail?

We all know “Thomas Alva Edison”, he was a great inventor.

He invented many devices such as electric power generation, mass communication, sound recording, and motion pictures.

He almost failed 10000 times in inventing bulbs. But at last, he was successful in inventing the bulb, when he was asked about his failure, he smilingly and politely replied:

“He found 10,000 ways that will not work.”

It depends on us how we see the problem. If you see a problem like a problem, you will never find a solution but if you see a problem like a solution, you will definitely find a solution from the problem itself.

You all have heard a famous quote:

“Impossible itself says, I’m possible.”

Things will not change by themselves; everything needs a medium and to solve your problem you are the medium if you want Success you have to work for it.

When a child is born, he doesn’t know how to walk or talk, but he learns by falling, by learning from his mistake.


In our childhood, we all learned about cycling. We fall but again we started cycling by keeping smiles on our faces.

Things we can learn from this is that we were not afraid to fail but we were excited to see our positive outcome.

Similarly, we should not be afraid of failure rather than we should think about our success
after failure.

5 Quick And Important Ways for Success :


1. You have to walk alone on the way to becoming successful – Remember when you are in darkness even your own shadow leaves you alone so never be afraid to walk alone. 

2. Never compare yourself with others. He/she was also a beginner once and as our own fingers are different from each other in the same way everyone is different from each other. You have unique qualities which are best in themselves.

3. Don’t think about what people will say. They will always have something to say.

4. If you are working hard you will definitely get results.

5. Being successful doesn’t mean that you get what you work for but if you are satisfied with your hard work you are also a winner.

Success is like a
tree, which requires time, as a tree needs water, sunlight, and air similarly if you want outcomes it needs hard work, and consistency.

There are many inspirations around us from which we can learn and get inspired.

Example :

Have you seen an ant? look closely and observe their movement, take anything and put in the way of ant and observe what they do?

It will try again and again and will find an alternative way, or will go over it. Ant will not just stand there and watch, it won’t give up and go back.

Similarly, we can learn from it, problems will always be there on the way to Success, and it doesn’t matter how perfect we are.

So we should not be afraid instead we should be prepared for problems mentally and physically as well.

There is always a way through which we can solve any problem. Instead of wasting time thinking about how big is problem we can use that time in solving problems for this only one thing is needed mindset.

We should always remember that even the last key of a bunch can open door to success.

Compare your progress at every new stage. Compare your qualities with each other. And ask yourself a question, are you satisfied with your progress? if not, why?

What are the areas where you can improve? How can you improve yourself?

The 6 Pillar of Success

1. Patience

Success is a mixture of Patience, Hard work, and Consistency, just wait for your time to come.

2. Hard Work

If you are talented that’s good but with talent hard work is needed. Use every minute of your days.

3. Focus

Always be consistent in doing things. If you started something, finish it. Focus on your aim.

4. Persistence

The difference between ordinary and extra-ordinary is extra and that extra is persistence. Be consistent in what you are doing.

5. Sacrifice

If you want something you have to sacrifice something. For your dream, you have to sacrifice all unnecessary things and have to focus on your goals.

6. Ambition

Be serious about your ambition, you should be aware of your goals. And you should have a hunger to get Success.

7. Positive Thinking

Never be upset if you fail on the first attempt. Have Positive thinking and always remember even the last key can open the door, similarly, your last efforts can also lead you to the door of success. If you try you are much better than those people who even are afraid to try.

8. Self-Development

A successful person is an evolving person who never stops learning and changing himself. He always tries to develop himself into a new and better version of himself. He learns from his mistakes and also from others’ mistakes.

9. Mindset

Mindset is an essential quality of a successful person. Mindset defines how you see any situation or any problem. If you take a problem as a learning process, you can learn a lot and your chances of success increase. But if you take problems as problems you can’t get rid of them.

10. Satisfaction

Satisfaction is an important weapon that every beginner should keep with them in their journey to success. You will face many challenges, failures, ups, and downs but remember to be calm and wait for your turn. Never Question your ability and have faith in your hard work.

So a mindset is a view that helps to evaluate things.

Famous Personality Quotes about Success by 10 Successful people:

1. “If you can dream then it’s your responsibility to grab it and complete it”

-Carol Burnett

2. “Nothing is impossible. The word itself says ‘I’m possible!’”

-Audrey Hepburn

3. “The bad news is time flies. The good news is you’re the pilot of your time.”

-Michael Altshuler

4. “Keep your face always toward the sunshine, and shadows will fall behind you.”

-Walt Whitman

5. “Have courage. Challenge orthodoxy. fight for what you believe in.”

6. “When you are old  and you are talking to your grandchildren many years from now, be sure that you have a good story of yours to tell.”

      -Amal Clooney

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What is the real meaning of success?

Success doesn’t only mean that you have achieved what you worked for. But If you have learned something new and it has brought a positive change in your mindset then, you are successful as well.
The real meaning of achievement is to bring a positive change to you. You should be satisfied with your hard work and believe in your abilities.

How can I get quick success?

Success can’t be earned from shortcuts. It is a journey of ups and downs from which you will learn a lot. Success needs patience, consistency, hard work, focus, and belief. Instead of thinking to get quick achievement, you should focus on goals that you want to achieve.

What are Synonyms of Success?

Achievement, Acquirement, Fulfillment, Satisfaction, earning wealth, peace, respect or fame, goals achieved.

What are the examples of success?

An example of success is when you get jobs after completing your education when you achieve peace after working hard for something When you are satisfied, happy life and a lot of money

What makes a successful person?

A successful person is among ordinary person once, but with hard work, consistency, focusing on goals instead of thinking of failure, a dedication that how much you are patinate about something. These all are qualities of a Successful person.

How can I achieve success?

If you want to achieve success focus on what you want. When you feel disappointed, remember why you started? Never Be afraid to fail instead make your failure stairs to your’s achievement.
Have Patience because success takes time but it will definitely come to you if you give everything to it.

Why Being Successful is important?

Success gives you confidence and generates positive thinking. It also changes your mindset, now you are not afraid to fail instead you focus on finding solutions. It generates qualities like leadership, hope, and confidence.
And most importantly it gives you an identity to live among groups.

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