How Better Understanding can help in Child Development?

How Better Understanding can help in Child Development?

What is Understanding ?

Understanding is not just a word, it is much more than that. It is a feeling which is developed towards another person. It helps us to see things from a different perspective.

It helps us to realize how people feel in a certain situation. This might also help them to come out of depression.

It is said

Understanding is deeper than knowledge.

There are and will be many people who know you

but there are only a few people who understand you.”

Life is very tough, if you want something you have to pay in return for life, and sometimes you have to pay heavily. Because of this a person completely breaks from inside.

He starts feeling alone and goes into depression and even can take some harsh steps. This is the time when he needs someone who can understand him.

Thus, Understanding plays a Vital role in not only human life but animal also.

Q. Have you ever wondered, why Dogs and men are best friends ?

A. Because of they Understand Each other very well.

It is said

“When people live without understanding each other, Their Survival turns into fight.”

How Understanding plays a very important role at every stage of life ?


First Stage – Infant (0-2 years)

When a child is born he can’t speak, can’t make us understand what he/she wants, can’t express his/her feeling like when he/she is hungry. But still parents recognizes, what they want ?, How do they fell ?

This is called understanding. It is not just a word but it is an attachment towards anyone. Parents observe them while sleeping, eating and playing. This helps in healthy growth of a child.

Second Stage – Child (5-12 years)

This is the age where role of Understanding becomes important as a child starts going to school. He come across new and interesting things. He starts socializing as he/she now make friends.

He/she is very curios to know and learn new things and will make many mistakes.  

Also not every child has same IQ level. Some children might not understand things easily, also they can feel shy about telling their feeling to either teachers or parents.

Children starts ignoring things which they don’t understand. So here teachers play important role. Understanding children can help children realize their true potential and develop their IQ level.

Children will often commit mistakes some might be big enough to punish them. But We have to understand that if we can make them realize their mistakes and can ensure that they don’t repeat, can develop a good personality in a child.

This can help in overall child development.

Third Stage – Teen (13-19 years)

When a child enters teenager age, he needs more care and Understanding.  As this is the stage which decides the personality and future of children.

They will makes friends who can be good like friends who are good in studies, obedient students. And Bad friends like who bunk school, engaged in bad habits.

Here role of Parents and teachers becomes important. They should be able to understand behaviour of children. This is the stage where parents has to give more attention to their children which can help in Self-Development.

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We often has seen that children of those parents who are spending less time with their children can easily fall in bad company and bad habits. As there is no one who is Understanding them and guide them and because of which they are misguided by external factors.

Also, the IQ level of children is not the same, some might grasp things easily some might not be able to understand things easily.

Because of this, they might not be able to get the desired result and can feel bad, also some parents are very harsh on them because of not getting a good result.

And because of this also they might fall in bad company. Parents should be Understanding that

“Failure is a part of success only.”

When a child fails or feels disappointed he looks towards parents first with eyes full of hope that they will understand them.

So this is the responsibility of parents to understand the feeling of their children. Some parents start comparing their children to other and in this, they forget that

“Everyone is unique in their own way.”

Understanding your children should be the first priority of every parent. Always ensure that they get success.

Fourth Stage – Adult (20-39 years)

This stage is important for career development. Students enter college life after completing their schools. Now every parent has some dream.

Some parents want their children to be doctor, some want their children to be engineer, etc. But in this all they forget that they are forcing their children to live parents dream not their own dream.

Thus, Understanding that every child has their own dream which they want to live, can help them to live a happy and healthy life.

Forcing them to do anything which they don’t want can ruin their life.

As parents want that their children should respect their feeling in the same way parents should also understand that children also want that their feeling should also be respected.

A parent should understand that

“Mutual Understanding is the main backbone of any relationship.”

Because of this, some children start disrespecting their parents, and sometimes situations become worse.

They should not force their children, instead, they should understand and respect their feelings.

Sometimes results might not be in favor but be with them because this is the time they need someone to be with them and understand them.

Fifth Stage – Senior Adult (60+)

Here Role of children is important. Many children due to many reasons leave their parents in an old age home. They disrespect their parents. They starts misbehaving with their parents.

And In this, they forget all unconditional love, care which their parents gave to them. They forget that

“First your parents give you life, then they try to give you their life ”

Understanding your parents is way more important than anything. They all just want your love, care, and time in the last stage of their life.

They were the ones who completed your every wish. So Understand their felling because soon you will be in place of them and you don’t want the same thing to happen to you.

Why does Understanding matter?

Let’s see the importance of understanding with SUCCESSISDECISION

  1. Confidence development – We feel confident as they can freely do anything without worrying about results thus leading to success.
  2. Self-Awareness – We start recognizing our weaknesses and strong points
  3. Moral Development – We develop a moral character as they also start understanding others.
  4. Awareness and understanding – They become aware of who is their real well-wisher and who understands them well.
  5. Motivation and Positive Thinking – When we know that someone is there to understand us then we feel relaxed and motivated.
  6. Socialization – Mutual co-operation is developed inside us.
  7. Self-control – We can control our emotions and feelings
  8. Coping – When self-awareness develops we can differentiate between good and bad and we starts to follow our Role Model.

How to develop Better Understanding?

  1. Learn to Listen First before taking any action.
  2. Think, Evaluate and Understand first before doing anything.
  3. Say less and what you say must have some meaning i.e. choose words wisely.
  4. Don’t make things complicated by overreacting.
  5. Give others also a chance for explanation.
  6. Use non-verbal communication sometimes.
  7. Avoid dominating over others.
  8. Make good connections.
  9. Always lead by example.
  10. Give respect and praise them for their work.
  11. Spend quality of time.
  12. Be like a Best friend. 

Thus, Understanding helps in the development of a fully functional and healthy life.


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